T.’s story

Digital connectivity was crucial during the pandemic so we applied to a local fund and provided a laptop and software.

When T. moved into supported accommodation provided by Peter Bedford Housing Association in 2017, he was experiencing severe depression and anxiety. He did not have a home when he was referred to us. He was isolated from friends and family, unemployed and lacked the confidence to gain the skills needed for the workplace. It is possible that he would have become street homeless or been sectioned.

We supported T. to access the job centre, attend job fairs including one run by our local football club. We also referred him to the Princes Trust and he is now working with one of their mentors. Accompanying him at these meetings and appointments helped give him the confidence to attend. To help him build workplace skills and confidence, we arranged for T. to volunteer as a receptionist at one of our community hubs.

T. did not have a digital device or internet access but digital connectivity became crucial during the pandemic. We successfully applied to a local fund who provided him with a laptop and software so he could keep in touch with us, friends and apply for courses and employment.

Since receiving this in May 2020, during the pandemic, T. applied and was accepted for a Business Admin Level 2 qualification Course. Subsequently, T. also completed a digital marketing course and was successful in applying for an apprenticeship with an energy company. T. co-delivered training with the Director of Services to our housing teams. During that session T. spoke about his experiences of living in our homes and said that his keyworker was fantastic and had helped him so much.

T.’s wellbeing is now much better and he is managing his medication well. He has successfully moved on to his own tenancy.

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