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Thursday 18 January – Westminster Hall debate on the future of supported housing

Building on the success of the Starts at Home campaign in 2017, there’s to be another supported housing debate in Westminster Hall. This debate offers a crucial opportunity to ensure the future funding of supported housing remains high on the political agenda. The debate will take place on Thursday 18 January 1.30pm and we need your help to urge your local MPs to take part in the debate.

We need MPs to demonstrate that they value supported housing and to tell the Government that it needs to give the long-term security of funding to the sector. We will be working with the Government to ensure that the system can deliver this security.

To help you encourage your local MP to attend the debate, we’ve created the following:

The debates last year were really well-attended thanks to your excellent work. Please help us make this one a similar success.

Other ways to help celebrate the vital role of supported housing:

1. Provide a case study

Over the last few months, we’ve received inspiring stories from members across the country. Please do continue to send us case studies that focus on residents living in short term services and we’ll add them to our Stories page. You can submit a case study here.

2. Engaging with your MPs

If you would like to reach out to your local MP, use our example supporter MP letter.

3. Customise your message to raise awareness online