Get involved

Get involved with Starts at Home Day on Friday 30 August 2024 

Starts at Home Day is our day to celebrate the positive impact of supported housing on our communities across the country.  

It’s also a day of action to call for policies that make sure every person who needs extra support will always have a safe, secure home that meets their needs. In the run up to the next general election, this year’s Starts at Home Day will be a chance for us to tell all political parties how they can deliver for supported housing and its residents. 

There are many ways you can support the campaign, from a social media post celebrating your work, to inviting your local MP or councillor to visit your organisation.

How can I prepare for Starts at Home Day?

Show your support on social media

On Friday 30 August, you can share a post on social media showing your support for Starts at Home Day using the hashtag #StartsAtHome. Here’s what you can do before the day to prepare: 

  • Draft and schedule your social media posts, including the #StartsAtHome hashtag. 
  • Download the supporter graphics below.
  • Prepare a blog or video showing the importance of supported housing – check out our top tips for how to write a great blog and how to record a video for Starts at Home Day. 

Use our supporter graphics on social media

Click the preview to get the full size image. 

Graphic for sharing on social media reads "Every decision about care should be a decision about housing."

Create and share your own Starts at Home supporter graphic

Invite your local MP, councillor or mayor to visit

In the run up to the next general election, it’s more important than ever that our elected representatives understand and value the vital role supported housing plays in building thriving communities.  

Inviting politicians to see your work first hand and meet your team and residents is the best way to make that lasting impact. As Sara explains, inviting your MP or local councillor is a memorable and effective way to support the campaign. To help you to organise your visit, we have put together some resources and templates for you to adapt and use. 

To create the biggest splash on Starts at Home Day, we need as many visits as possible to take place on or before the day itself (Friday 1 September 2023) so photos or videos from the visits can all be shared at the same time. But of course a visit from an MP or councillor is worthwhile at any time. 

If you are organising a visit with a MP or a councillor then we want to hear about. Get in touch with our team to let them know about your plans and order your very own supporter board to use in photos with your residents, staff and your local representative on the day. 

Resources to help

Is a visit not possible? Write to your local MP or councillor instead

If you are unable to invite your local representative along in person, it is still worth contacting them to tell them about the value of supported housing. We’ve drafted a template letter that you can adapt and personalise, which can be sent to your MP or councillor to promote supported housing and inform them about the vital work it does in their community. 

Share your residents’ stories

Nothing demonstrates the positive impact of supported housing better than real life stories. There is huge value in demonstrating just what supported housing is, and showcasing its positive impact on thousands of lives. Sharing the voices and stories of your residents is a powerful way to demonstrate the impact of supported housing. 

You could:  

Don’t forget to include the hashtag #StartsAtHome in all your social media posts.