Get involved

In the weeks before MPs return to parliament in September, we want to demonstrate the value of supported housing and the impact it has on people’s lives across the country.

Starting now, you can get ready for Starts at Home day 2017. We’ve outlined a variety of ways to show your support for the campaign, leading up to Starts at Home day on 1 September.

We’re asking housing associations, campaign supporters and local politicians to get involved with the Starts at Home campaign.

1. Provide a case study

To demonstrate the vital contribution of supported housing, we need case studies to tell the story. Do you have a great resident case study?

Use our case study template and consent form as a guide and we’ll add it to this website.

2. Raise awareness online

3. Engaging with your MPs

Write to your local MPs and invite them to visit a supported housing scheme.

Preparing for Starts at Home day

4. Get your free Starts at Home supporter board

In preparation for MP visits, email us your postal address and we’ll send you a supporter board. Get photos of your local MPs holding the supporter board ready and share these online on Starts at Home day using the #startsathome hashtag.

5. Create a local media splash

Help raise awareness of the value of supported housing in your local communities and turn politicians and decision makers into supported housing advocates. Here’s a template press release you can adapt.

6. Guide to future funding for supported housing

The Government is currently reviewing how supported housing is funded and our guide outlines the issues and our recommendations {pdf} for the future of supported housing.

Starts at Home day

Friday 1 September 2017 will be a full day celebrating all the activities and events achieved throughout the Starts at Home campaign. This will be a chance to demonstrate support for the campaign. We’ve created some online tools to help:

  • Create a poster to share on social media (available closer to the day)
  • Starts at Home graphics for social media (available closer to the day)

Don’t forget to share your supporter board photos with MPs, residents and staff using the hashtag #startsathome.