Sara Bell is Communications Officer at the National Housing Federation.Writing a blog is a great way get involved in Starts at Home Day, and we want as many housing associations as possible to publish blogs so that people can see and celebrate the great work of supported housing. A good blog tells a story in an engaging and informative way. Sara Bell, Communications Officer at the National Housing Federation offers her top tips to help you write a blog in celebration of your organisation this Starts at Home Day.

Keep your audience in mind

It is important to make sure you know who you are wanting to reach with your blog. Think about who are you writing it for and what you want them to feel when they read it. This focus will make it more likely that your reader will connect with what you are saying.

The clearer and simpler, the better

Think about the tone and language you use throughout your blog. From the title to the last sentence you should make sure it is coherent and easy to follow. You should try to avoid jargon whenever possible and write assuming the reader has no prior knowledge of your topic.

Using your voice

It is your voice and insight that you want to share through your blog. Make sure it sounds and feels authentic to you. This will make it engaging and interesting for your reader.

Telling your story

Writing a blog for your organisation this Starts at Home Day means you are telling the story of supported housing and its vital work. Focusing on your organisation, your colleagues, and your residents, share some personal and relatable examples of the work you do and help us to tell the story of the sector. We ask that you keep our key aims in mind when writing your blog (updated 2023).

Don’t forgot the visuals

Including images alongside your blog can help you illustrate your story and engage your reader. Make sure the images you use are clear, well-lit and good quality. And of course, always get consent to publish the images from anyone featured in them.

If you do publish a blog for Starts at Home Day, please remember to tag us using the handle @natfednews so we can see it. We love reading them and would love to share some of them via our social media channels on the day itself. Remember to include the hashtag #StartsAtHome in your post.

Not sure if a blog is right for your organisation? Have a look our guidance for filming a video to celebrate Starts at Home Day.

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