Join us for Starts at Home day – 1 September 

On the week before MPs return to Parliament we are running Starts at Home day, a national day of activities to celebrate and advocate for supported housing in communities across the country.

We are calling on campaign supporters, housing associations and local politicians to get involved.

We have grouped what you can do today, on the run up to and on Starts at Home day:

  • Get involved now
  • Plan for Starts at Home day
  • On Starts at Home day

Each of these groups have their own actions listed below.

Get involved now

1. Case studies for

You can send us your case studies in any format, but several organisations asked for a template to help them gather the right information from their tenants.

2. Promote your support on social media

Use our social media collateral to promote your support for Starts at Home including a campaign twibbon which you can easily add to your Twitter profile picture, and graphics you can share today.

Plan for Starts at Home day

3. Engaging with your MPs

We’ve put together some guidance to help you write to your MPs to invite them to visit a supported housing scheme for Starts at Home day and make the most of any meetings.

4. Organise a letter writing activity on the day

Ask your residents, supporters or beneficiaries to write to their MPs sharing their story and ask them to champion supported housing in Parliament.

  • Guide to writing an MP letter

5. Create a local media splash

Help raise awareness of the value of the supported housing sector in your local communities and persuade politicians and decision makers to advocate for the future funding of supported housing.

Our template press release states that you will also write to your local MP calling on them to champion supported housing. This is just one idea. Why not invite local partners and providers to also add their name to your letter and press release.

On Starts at Home day

On Starts at Home day, we would like you to share and promote the following campaign actions with your colleagues and on your social media.

Please don’t share these resources until Thursday 1 September. 

Finally, remember to share all of your activities and events via social media using #StartsAtHome