Su’s story

Su was made homeless after her children had been taken into care.

Without her children, Su struggled to cope and suffered with drug addiction. Unable to pay her rent, the bailiffs threw her out of her property and Su ended up moving in with an abusive partner. After fleeing from her abusive partner, 9 years ago, Su ended up at Fleet House, a residential and life skills centre for single homeless women.

Moving in to Fleet House helped to give Su some kind of stability. The officers there gave her a routine which really helped her. It gave Su the mental strength she needed.

Without Fleet House, Su states she wouldn’t be here right now, she would be dead. Fleet House gave her a purpose and the services offered to her from Bolton at Home has helped her many years later secure a tenancy.

Supported housing is everything. It’s giving women a safe, secure and supportive environment providing a 24 hour care service. Residents there are personally assessed, allowing you access to so many different services.

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Thousands of people have gained their independence through supported housing. The Starts at Home campaign aims to ensure that people who need extra support will always have a home that meets their needs.

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