Steve’s story

Steve’s physical and mental health has significantly improved with the personalised support he needed to become more independent.

Steve has experienced many ups and downs throughout his life – from an early age he was placed in care, and struggled with his physical and mental health. Steve was living in an 11-bed house, and his wellbeing was rapidly declining. However, in September 2017 his application to live in an Advance Supported Living flat in Witney was accepted, and Steve moved into his first ever ‘home’ of his own. Since then his happiness and wellbeing has improved significantly. Steve is now able to enjoy the activities he loves, he receives personalised support and is able to be much more independent and to live the life he chooses.

So how has this made a difference to Steve’s life?

With the help of his support workers Steve’s flat is kept very clean to help with his skin and breathing conditions. He can now indulge in his love of music and has a radio, television and stereo (often on at the same time). He also has a good singing voice and staff can often hear him happily singing along to tunes on the radio. Steve now loves to choose his meals, prepares a weekly shopping list and always enjoys his coffee time after the big shop at a local cafe.

Steve is a lifelong Manchester United fan and would like to get a part-time job locally. He is also keen on gardening and when planters are installed he hopes to grow carrots, potatoes and strawberries. Steve is looking forward to a few days holiday in Mevagissey in the near future, when, supported by staff he will enjoy some fishing and weather permitting, fish and chips on the quayside.

Sarah who has worked closely with Steve said: “Steve is really settled, and often says how happy he is living at Albi Court, his health is much improved since his move and all who know him previously comment on how well he looks. Steve now lives the life he chooses in his own home.”

It is difficult to speculate on where Steve would be had he not joined Advance Housing and Support, but it is likely that he would have remained in the 11-bed property which, whilst giving Steve ample opportunity to socialise and make friends, was proving detrimental to his physical and mental wellbeing.

When asked what supported housing means to him, Steve said,“Feeling settled, happy and free to live my own life.”

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Thousands of people have gained their independence through supported housing. The Starts at Home campaign aims to ensure that people who need extra support will always have a home that meets their needs.

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