Naomi’s story

Naomi has “really bonded” with the other tenants and has made firm friends.

Supported housing helped Naomi’s confidence to flourish. This is Naomi’s story:

After living with parents, Naomi moved to a local authority care home which acted as a stepping stone from her home life with family to independent living. Naomi was offered person centred care and support.  Here, she had her own bedroom but shared the living area and kitchen facilities with other tenants. The arrangement was felt to be not the best provision for Naomi as it didn’t allow her to grow and gain the independence that she truly needed and aspired to.

Since moving to The Shore, a supported housing scheme from Coast & Country Housing, Naomi’s confidence has really flourished. She feels that since moving to The Shore, which is situated in Middlesbrough and facilitated by Sanctuary Supported Living, that she has “really bonded” with the other tenants and made some firm friends. Her family are very happy with the positive changes that they have seen in Naomi since her move earlier this year.

At The Shore, Naomi has a support network of friends around her and her own apartment which allows her the freedom and the facilities to lead an independent and fulfilled life. Care and attention is given to assist tenants to shop for and plan their meals, complete their daily and weekly chores and working with each tenant individually, to ensure they can build routines that they can follow with ease.

The Shore places emphasis not just on helping tenants develop a sense of independence but also on creating a real community atmosphere from within. Tenants meet once a month for a house meeting and prepare a newsletter as well as organise a full range of activities including Sunday dinner clubs, games nights, themed events and special events for each tenants birthday.

In May, Naomi turned 21 and celebrated with her friends from The Shore and from College – she chose an 80’s theme and everyone really got involved – the fancy dress was fantastic! She also got to ride in a bright pink stretch hummer and everyone had a fabulous time celebrating her special day.

Whilst Naomi would’ve still had housing options, if it wasn’t for this kind of supported housing, Naomi would not have the great mix of independence and support that she is afforded at The Shore. Arguably, she wouldn’t be as confident as she is today and would not have had the opportunity to build the friendships that she has done since moving into The Shore. The strong sense of community and involvement is a key element in Naomi’s development that she may not have been able to explore fully without this kind of housing.


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