Manel’s story

"Metropolitan has always been good to me, always very helpful."

Manel lives in north west London in a sheltered scheme for older people, where residents have the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of activities from exercise classes, coffee mornings and music appreciation to games and art classes.

“My mother was poor, and my father left her. She went to a convent, where the sisters brought me up from a tiny baby and this was back in colonial times. They educated me well, and I count my blessings for this even now, because their education led me into nursing. I came to England from Sri Lanka in 1953 and I did an Orthopaedic nursing course in Exeter. I came here on a Colombo Plan scholarship, and for me, those were the really good old days. After studying I went back home and did a lot of Orthopaedic work, broken bones, hip joints, dislocations, fractures, and that kind of thing. I returned in 1975 and worked at the Royal Marsden hospital in Sutton.”

Manel’s favourite book is ‘Jane Eyre’ and he loves listening to music. Manel still goes to the ballet and loves Swan Lake. Manel really enjoy ‘University Challenge’ and quizzes.

“I’ve been living here for 20 years, and it’s nice. It’s quiet, clean, and I am a stickler for cleanliness! The garden is nice the location has very accessible transport as well. Metropolitan has always been good to me, always very helpful. We are lucky here, to have accommodation like this and now we’re in a housing shortage crisis as well, I feel sorry for the young ones.”

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Thousands of people have gained their independence through supported housing. The Starts at Home campaign aims to ensure that people who need extra support will always have a home that meets their needs.

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