Lynne B’s story

Lynne likes to try new things and feels the environment has helped her regain so much of her independence.

In April 2017, Lynne was admitted to hospital with a severe case of vertigo. She spent over two months in hospital before moving into residential care, as her family home which she had lived in for 50 years was no longer suitable for her to live in.

That care home closed in September 2017 and Lynne moved into a two bedroom apartment at Coast & Country Housing’s extra care supported living scheme.

Since moving in, Lynne has a seen a huge improvement in her quality of life. She has made lots of new friends and regularly attends social activities within the scheme. One of her favourite activities is Armchair Zumba, she feels it really helps with her joints and makes arm movements a little bit easier. Social isolation is a prevalent issue for people with conditions like Lynne’s, but through the activities on offer, Lynne has built relationships with other residents and become part of a community. Lynne’s daughter Helen is even able to come along and join her at Zumba; she also really enjoys it and has made new friends.

Lynne’s condition would have likely worsened as she would not have had access to the same exercise and social interaction opportunities, and her independence would have been non-existent. The independent living scheme offers the flexibility to add further adaptations to an apartment to suit the needs of each resident. Lynne’s daughter Helen sees a huge difference in her mum – she no longer worries so much about her being on her own, knows she can access support if she needs it and has the peace of mind that Lynne can let herself in and out to pop to visit friends and is not stuck in the flat. She says her mum is like a new woman now.

Lynne hopes her story will help other people her age not to be frightened if they ever need to move into supported living, life still goes on and with the care and support available, she feels it is actually better.

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Thousands of people have gained their independence through supported housing. The Starts at Home campaign aims to ensure that people who need extra support will always have a home that meets their needs.

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