Kyle’s story

Following a breakdown in the relationship with his family, Kyle left home and had several months of sofa surfing, recurring instances of homelessness and poor mental health. Without supported housing, it’s difficult to consider where Kyle would ultimately have lived.

After his family relationship broke down and many months of sofa surfing, Kyle went to Stonewater’s Quay Foyer seeking independence and support to develop. Although Kyle was with the Foyer for two years, he wasn’t quite ready to progress on his journey, and ultimately left.

In the community, Kyle’s circumstances kept changing, with poor mental health resulting in suicide attempts and recurring homelessness. Recognising that he needed to change this cycle and knowing how the foyer ran and what to expect, Kyle came back to the foyer and worked hard to gain skills, qualifications and life experience; including completing a Personal Development Course. However, two years after successfully moving on from the foyer Kyle broke his collar bone, which led to him losing his job and becoming homeless. Returning to the foyer as a place of reassurance and support, Kyle informed the team he had autism; something he had not disclosed before feeling it was a personal matter.

More settled, Kyle began working and rebuilding his independence with personalised support from staff; ultimately becoming a foyer ambassador and helping deliver activities and peer mentoring others. Confidence growing, Kyle volunteered with the youth service, during which time he showed real commitment improving his mental wellbeing and ability to connect with others through outdoor sports and activities. Staff saw the positive impact Kyle was having on other young people, and supported him to access an apprenticeship with the local young person’s Careers Advice service.

Now with his own flat and apprenticeship, Kyle’s confidence has shone through and he is actively involved in the foyer football team and a positive role model for the young people here. Kyle had the courage to come back when he needed support, and he now visits the foyer weekly, as part of his apprenticeship, meeting residents, providing 1-1 support and coordinating activities. Kyle says “I never imagined myself working with residents from Quay Foyer as well as having that professional relationship with staff here.”

Supported housing has enabled Kyle to make positive changes to his circumstances, manage his autism and take meaningful steps towards building a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. He continues to grow from strength to strength and never fails to inspire those around him; including staff and residents.

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