Kath’s story

With the help of Bolton at Home, Kath is now the chair of the residents group and has gained the confidence to run the on site centre using it as a base for other residents to come together.

Fifteen years ago after an aggravated burglary in previous property, Kath made the decision to move in to sheltered accommodation. Despite also battling with cancer and existing heart problems, because of moving into supported housing, Kath was able to maintain her friendships, and able to stay more independent.

With the help of Bolton at Home, Kath manages the on site community centre and has taken on responsibility for the day to day running of it. Living in supported housing has also given Kath’s daughter, who lives abroad, peace of mind that there is someone there checking on her mother. Kath can’t climb into the bath and Bolton at Home helped adapt her property with a wet room.

Without supported housing, Kath would live in a private rented property and would not have the security of knowing the benefits of Careline and home adaptations are available to her.

“Bolton at Home and supported housing has helped by giving the residents more independence. Its given me a reason to wake up in the morning. My independence and health allows me to support the residents group, and the support in allowing us to take over the community centre has been invaluable. Bolton at Home have helped by giving these residents of supported housing a purpose and helped reduce social isolation. The fact that its a gated community really helps us bond with our neighbours, look after them in case there’s something wrong, and really increase community spirit.”

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Thousands of people have gained their independence through supported housing. The Starts at Home campaign aims to ensure that people who need extra support will always have a home that meets their needs.

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