John’s story

John turned his life around and now his relationships with family and friends are stronger then ever.

John has suffered longstanding mental health difficulties and drug addiction since the age of 17.

Previously, John lived in rented accommodation with his partner and two daughters. His partner was extremely supportive, however, often got frustrated with John because of the unpredictable nature of his illness, causing the relationship to breakdown. In 2015, John moved into temporary accommodation in Walsall. Staff along with the MDT worked in a very structured and consistent approach with John. John moved into a flat-let within the scheme and despite a few relapses, John entered the rehab programme.

Since starting the residential rehab scheme, John made progress with medicating himself, keeping his flat clean and tidy and going to the shops on a weekly basis. Most importantly, it was John’s longest period with hospital admission. John then moved from rehab residential scheme into a supported housing project Camden step down service. He did a further 18 months at Camden with a support package that met his needs. Over the 18 months, John’s support needs reduced as he became more confident in dealing with situations and his mental health. Now, John lives his own flat in the community with floating support, provided by via Camden, where support can be increased when John is relapsing in mental health. He continues to live in the community without any further hospital admissions.

From living in supported housing, John has a better relationship with his children and by integrating the community back into his daily routine, he has prevented isolation and loneliness.

John has turned his life around, he feels he has a better quality of life and is happy.


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