Jess’ story

Jess’ self-confidence and independence have improved over time

Jess has a mental health condition and first moved into supported housing with Hightown in 2013, following a long stay in hospital.

Since moving into supported housing, Jess’ self-confidence and independence have improved over time and she is now able to do certain things without support.

With the outstanding support from staff, Jess completed her Masters with distinction in Medical Chemistry, in 2018. She achieved this whilst going through very tough challenges in her family life and showed her resilience throughout. Jess says she felt ecstatic after obtaining her Masters as she is finally catching up with where she was before she became ‘really poorly’.

With a Master’s degree under her belt, Jess has set her sights on obtaining a PhD. She is in the process of setting this up with the Open University and Oxford, and hopes to start her course in October 2019 or in the New Year.

Reflecting on her time with Hightown, Jess says, “Supported housing saved my life when I was poorly. It’s helped me manage my mental health and has given me a step on the ladder back to independence. There is always someone to turn to if I’m struggling. When I have a wobble or an episode, staff are on hand to give me the extra support I need. Staff have put in a support plan to help me with the things I struggle with. Without this I wouldn’t be able to live in the community.”

Supported housing has enabled Jess to manage her mental health and take steps to achieve her goals. Jess has been able to avoid hospital admission for four years now and says she couldn’t have done it without the support from staff.

When asked what supported housing means to her, Jess responded with “my life”!

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