Ivy and Alf’s story

Living with family, Ivy and Alf felt like they were in the way but they also couldn't bear to be separated after 70 years together.

Alf and Ivy had been living with their son and his wife for a while but the situation was not working out for them. Their son has a big family and they felt in the way. To be happy and safe they also knew they needed to go home to Sale Moor, where they had lived for most of their lives.
Here, Ivy tells their story…

“We moved into Bramhall Close on 18th February 2013 because of the support and security a sheltered scheme housing offered. This has been perfect, especially since Alf has been diagnosed with dementia.

The couple have never been happier, “There are many competitions, days out and activities such as coffee mornings and bingo which we join in with. I even do my own shopping and cleaning etc,” she says.

“On a Wednesday I can go over to do the laundry, at which point I have a coffee and a chat with Liz, one of the onsite staff, and if I need reassurance about how Alf is doing I can get it all off my chest.

This makes a huge difference to how I cope with the changes to his condition. We are truly a part of this community and it feels good.

If we hadn’t had access to supported housing, Alf could have ended up in care as he has dementia, and this would have been devastating for me as we have never been apart in 70 years.

To us, supported housing means we have a life of our own, independent from our family. We have the security of a scheme manager to help us when we need it. We feel confident, safe and happy. We have friendship all around us, in the area we chose to live in.”

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