Colin’s story

"I couldn't have done this without Float Support team, they are very helpful."

Colin has mild learning difficulties and when living in his family home, he started experiencing problems with a neighbour. He’d been living in this property for over 60 years but after a while, the problems with his neighbour got worse and Colin got progressively more unhappy.

Colin can sometimes have difficulty communicating, as well as a few physical health issues. With no close family and his house deteriorating, Colin was a vulnerable adult living in isolation.

In April 2017, Colin first met Hyndburn Homes Independent Living Team Floating Support Service who offer a wide range of support and assistance. Quickly the Float Support team helped Colin organise his finances and started preparing him with moving properties. Weekly, they set small tasks for Colin to complete such as supplying him with boxes and sorting ornaments/pictures that he wanted to take with him. They asked him to wrap and box them, so that he felt involved with the move.

At the beginning of August, the team were given a move in date of a few weeks time so had to help Colin with the transition quickly. The team helped Colin organise everything, from furniture for his new bungalow to setting up all the necessary bills and paperwork, the team provided an all-round service to help Colin cope.

Colin says about the Float Support team “I couldn’t have done this without you, you are very helpful”. Since the team came on board, Colin has come out of his shell. He’s become very chatty and slightly more confident. He relies on the staff to explain things to him that he doesn’t understand.

It’s been a big move for him, leaving a lot of history behind his old front door, moving to a new bungalow with furniture new to him and very little to show for his old life. But, with the help and advice of the support team around him, Colin is living in a more suitable property and sleeps much better at night.

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