Carol’s story

Carol is a 60 year old amputee with learning difficulties. She had lived with her mother her whole life until she was diagnosed with dementia.

Here her sister Celia tells us how Carol’s move into supported accommodation from Housing & Care 21 has transformed the whole family’s lives.

“Carol’s disabilities meant that she couldn’t care properly for our mother and their living arrangement became increasingly difficult to sustain. As a family we were forced to seek alternative arrangements.

“As a temporary measure we were forced to put Carol in a nursing home where our mother was also staying. It was really difficult as it just wasn’t the right environment for her and she was on her own most of the time.

“We were really at the end of our tether and didn’t know where to go or what to do. We looked for alternatives for a long time until we saw an advert for Webb Ellis Court in the local newspaper and arranged to see one of the apartments.

“The difference since she moved to Webb Ellis is just monumental. We see the change in Carol every time we see her. She has flourished. She always has a smile on her face and she is now looking after herself which is amazing to see.

“Because she had been so used to mother looking after her, even the most basic tasks like cooking and cleaning were unfamiliar to her. She was given a package of reablement care on arrival and after a number of weeks she was able to look after herself. She just has sporadic care now like after a recent stay in hospital which left her incapacitated.

“Carol’s happiness is clear for all to see even though her ability to express the impact of her move is limited. It has transformed the lives of our whole family.

“She has the community around her and loves socialising and taking part in activities. There’s an amazing community spirit here and everyone seems to look out for one another. When Carol recently returned from hospital everyone was waiting for her in the restaurant and cheered when she arrived. It was lovely to see.

“In every way this has been a brilliant move for Carol. She has everything she needs.

“From our point of view we know that we can leave her here and everything will be alright. She has people around her all the time; the carers are fantastic and will drop in to make sure she’s ok.

“We’re not worrying that we have to be there all the time, she can live an independent life and we can actually come and visit her as family members and enjoy the quality time we spend together rather than doing chores and looking after her. It has changed our lives for the better.”

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