Brian & Joyce’s story

Brian & Joyce run a community group named On Your Own Club. Without Furness Square Sheltered Accomodation, they wouldn't be able to do this.

Brian and Joyce have been married for 49 years and have lived in Furness Square for the last decade. 10 years ago due to health reasons, they moved into sheltered housing. Brian has COPD and Joyce has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

They have a ground level property which means there is no need to climb stairs anymore which has really helped to preserve their health. “Our property was adapted for us and we have had a new kitchen and bathroom.” They now have a walk in shower which has really Brian as he suffers with back pain. The fact that they have been able to preserve their health spurred them on to create On Your Own Club, a community group aimed at reducing social isolation within the elderly. They also help run the Fusion Centre, a volunteer run community centre and support everything that happens there.

Without supported housing they would have been in rented / private accommodation and would have become isolated. They also would not have been able to have had adaptations made to their property.

“Supported housing has changed our lives. We would be unable to do everything we do with On Your Own Club and Fusion. We are able to help other families and those people in our community who are isolated. We get involved with our neighbours and try to stay as active as we can.”

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Thousands of people have gained their independence through supported housing. The Starts at Home campaign aims to ensure that people who need extra support will always have a home that meets their needs.

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