Bradley’s Story

Since moving into supported housing Bradley has found safety, security and has developed aspirations to attend university.

Bradley is 19 years old and for the last year he has lived in supported housing provided by the Young People Foyer in Whitehaven. After his relationship with his family broke down and he was no longer able to stay at his sister’s he was forced to stay on friends’ sofas for months. It was becoming increasingly hard for him to keep up with college under these precarious living conditions.

However, since moving into supported housing he has not looked back since:

“It’s been great, I’ve gained lots of friends. The staff are really supportive and I’ve gained a lot more confidence and grown up. I don’t feel under as much pressure and feel more focused.”

“I’ve continued at college… I’m looking forward to going back for my final year and now with the support from the Foyer I want to go to University. I want to be a conceptual artist and I’ve been working hard on my ideas.”

“It doesn’t bear thinking about where I might be if I hadn’t moved here – I don’t think I would have continued with college and what I love doing.”

Stressing what supported housing has meant to him, Bradley said, “It’s a safe and secure place to live – it gives you freedom to live your own life but it is still supportive and allows you to set goals to ensure you can continue to live here. The staff and other residents have been a great support system.”

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Thousands of people have gained their independence through supported housing. The Starts at Home campaign aims to ensure that people who need extra support will always have a home that meets their needs.

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