Bella and Magdalene’s Story

Unable to cope with their homes alone anymore and feeling isolated, both women are much happier and safer now they have the necessary support available.

Bella and Magdalene both moved in to a sheltered housing scheme for those aged over 60 in Croydon during 2018 and quickly became good friends. Before moving in to the scheme, both tenants lived alone, in accommodation that was no longer appropriate for them and felt they needed the safer environment that sheltered housing could bring. Feeling vulnerable and isolated they both heard about the scheme through other people and first impressions convinced them that it could be a pleasant place to live.

After meeting at a ‘Knit and Natter’ group their friendship developed and they now spend a lot of time together.

Bella particularly likes the trees and the wildlife in the gardens, she enjoys watching the young foxes that can be seen playing early morning and evening. Magdalene says that moving there has made her more confident. She liked the way other residents welcomed her when she first arrived and knows there’s always someone to help you out if you need it.

“We like to go shopping together and go out for meals. Sometimes in the evening we go to each other’s flats for a cup of tea and a chat. We like to join in with all the things that go on during the week and have made lots of other new friends as well. Wednesday evenings are good fun in the lounge, there’s usually a good crowd and sometimes there’s even some dancing!”

Both Bella and Magdalene enjoy the peace of mind that having staff on site can bring. Both are also appreciative of the calm environment of the scheme.


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