Ron and Linda’s story

When Ron’s health problems meant they had to move, Linda worried they would be sacrificing their independence.

Ron and Linda have lived in Newhaven supported housing scheme since 2013.
Here, Linda tells their story…

“Ron has suffered from ill health for a number of years, and as time has elapsed it has got increasingly worse, resulting in us moving on from our three bedroom house. Ron has problems with his heart and was finding it more and more difficult to climb up and down the stairs. As part of his illness, he also suffers from aneurisms, which are unfortunately inoperable.

We moved into supported housing in September 2013 and it was a very hard decision for us at first, as we have always been independent and love being able to come and go as we please. We soon learnt that moving to Newhaven wouldn’t have an impact on our independence and that we could still live exactly the same way as we already were. This gave us the reassurance we needed.

For me, piece of mind comes especially from knowing that there are carers on site 24 hours a day. Ron has had to call for assistance from time to time and was taken to hospital on some occasions. The carers have been a god send to Ron and I worry about him less.

We are both very sociable people and despite Ron’s medical conditions we both participate in the social activities available at the scheme. Ron and I have built a very close relationship with the court manager and the care team. I am able to offload any worries and concerns to them. The scheme manager knows me well enough now to know if there is something on my mind!

If it wasn’t for supported housing, we would have remained in our three bedroom house. Our living arrangements would have had to be altered; a stair lift wasn’t suitable so we would have needed to bring the bed downstairs which, to me, isn’t very dignified. It’s clear that supported housing has changed our lives for the better. Ron’s needs have felt like less of a burden on me as I am a natural born worrier.

There is always someone who we can talk to here at Newhaven, everybody is so kind which makes this a great place to live. We are glad that we made the decision to move here and we haven’t looked back since.”

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