We know that many supported and sheltered housing schemes organise end of year festive celebrations for tenants and residents. This is a perfect opportunity to invite local politicians and decision makers to a scheme to meet your residents and staff and help them fully understand how supported housing benefits their constituents.

During the visit we hope that they will commit to publicly backing the Starts at Home campaign and to advocating for supported housing while the Government is consulting on its future funding proposals.

Take part in the Starts at Home festive action

  1. Invite local politicians to an end of year festive celebration at a supported housing scheme.
  2. Ask your local media to cover the event.
  3. Promote the visit in your social media using our Starts at Home festive graphic maker.
  4. Ask your local politicians and decision makers to write to the Government advocating for supported housing (request template by email).
  5. Encourage residents or tenants to write to the local politicians and decision makers after the event thanking them for their support.

If you have any questions about this action please contact John Pierce.