Anne-Marie’s story

I’m settled now. I hope to see more places like this built for lots of people like me.

Ann-Marie was an inpatient at Bruce Burns hospital after suffering with her mental health for a long time. She struggled to feel at home anywhere and was self-harming. A few years ago she was offered a place at Aviary House, supported accommodation for adults with mental health conditions. This is her story.

“I came to see it Aviary House as it was being built. I was excited and couldn’t wait to move in but it was well worth the wait because I love it here. I cried the day we moved in because it was absolutely brill.

“I have settled in my new flat and I don’t smoke in there and I keep it really clean. I’m very independent now. I couldn’t have said that before. I’ve got so much more confidence and I do all the cooking and cleaning myself. In other accommodation I’ve lived in all our meals were cooked for us.

“The staff and my neighbours are brilliant. We’re like a family.

“My sons can come to my place now and I’ll cook for them. I haven’t had the chance to do that for a long time.

“Moving to Aviary House is the best thing that has happened to me in all my life. We could do with more homes like this and I am over the moon with staff and everyone for all the help and support they have put into this home. I’m settled now and I hope to see more places like this built for lots of people like me.”